Searching for authentic Coach outlet online

coach outlet onlineIf you are searching for Coach outlet online stores, you will find hundreds of websites offering cheap Coach products. Their prices are so amazingly low and they say that their items are authentic.

You think its too good to be true? Well, most of the time you are right. The majority of these websites sells fake Coach products. I am trying to find as much as possible fake Coach outlet online stores and share them, so you could avoid them. Coach Counterfeit websites usually use the word Coach in the url, logo, images and have content and a layout similar to, but if you will buy anything from these websites, you will get fake Coach products in a very bad condition.

However, if you already bought something from them, here you can get all information where and how to report counterfeit websites and products.

My goal is to save your time and money. And I hope you will find atleast couple of minutes for this blog, because most of the time this can make you be more careful by choosing store online for buying your desirable Coach products. For the same reason i’m also sharing special offers from authentic Coach outlet online stores when I find them. And if you are looking for Coach Factory flash sales, here you can get all necessary information.

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Coach outlet online flash sale on eBay

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Is there a limit to how many items I can purchase?
Yes, a maximum of 10 total Coach Factory outlet products can be purchased.

How can I get invitation to future Coach Factory flash sales?
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Special Coach outlet offers

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How to spot a fake Coach outlet online store?

A new Coach bag is a joy, discovering it’s a fake is not. If you’re in the market for a Coach products, this article will help you spot fake Coach outlet online stores in a minute.

Now look over the website offering Coach outlet thoroughly:

  1. If the pictures of the products on the website have numbers in the picture it’s most likely a fake.
  2. Coach only sells to authorized and usually expensive retailers so if the site just looks bad, they purses are likely fakes.
  3. Find web pages like – “About Us”, Shipping” or the “Privacy” web page or any other page with a lot of text. If there are a lot of grammatical errors, misspellings, punctuation issues then they’re selling fakes.
  4. Find “Contact” web page. If the contact email address listed is like – gmail or hotmail account, they’re selling fakes.

Heres two pictures taken from a website selling Coach outlet online.

Coach outlet online Coach outlet online website

So as you can see, the website is designed really bad and they even use hotmail account to contact their customers. But there is also a fun part of the picture, as they offer to contact their friendly and efficient staff in many different ways. How many ways to contact them did you found?

These few steps will help you avoid 90% of fake Coach outlet online stores. However, there may be more ways to spot fake sellers, and every reader of this post would appreciate if you could share them in comments below.

In conlusion – always be realistic about the price. Coach products cost a lot of money because they are well crafted and they’re status symbols. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

Where to report fake Coach products & websites?

Counterfeiting is the passing off of imitation products as authentic brand-name goods.
Counterfeit Coach products are typically of poor quality and lack the details that make each Coach bag high-quality.
Counterfeiting has been linked to organized crime, child labor, and terrorism.

To report counterfeits, you can always call the Coach counterfeit hotline at 877-788-7656 or email to with the information requested below (this can be done anonymously).
The following information is very important to Coach to take action against a counterfeiter:

  1. Location (Name and Address)
  2. Type of location (is it retail store, flea market or internet)
  3. Quantities and styles of products being sold
  4. Do the items say Coach or use any of our Trademarks (i.e. Signature C design, Coach Lozenge, Horse & Carriage logo)?

Here’s some authentic Coach Factory products for some inspiration

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